History of Memory

by Ryan Whittier on April 26, 2019, no comments

Ryan created the music for History of Memory, a series of four short documentary films by Redglass Pictures and the Garage by HP. Each film celebrates the power of a printed photograph to change our lives.

From Florida to India, Beijing to New Orleans, the series explores stories of real people whose lives were forever altered by the discovery, creation, or preservation of a photograph. In At First Sight, a deep connection is made across continents following the exchange of two images. The Secret Album tells of a woman who discovers her true self after the uncovering of a hidden family photo album. China Lost & Found reconnects an elderly man with a favorite long-lost image from decades past. And in It’s a Boy, a young man poses for an unconventional photo shoot, and then feels a part of a family for the first time in his life. In each History of Memory film, we are reminded that the most important memories are those which we cherish, share, and protect.

The films screened at Sundance 2019, the series won the Tribeca X Award for Best Episodic Short Series at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, and a 2020 Webby Winner for Best Branded Entertainment/Series Video.