New-York Historical Society :: Vietnam War Exhibition

by Ryan Whittier on October 4, 2017, no comments

Ryan is the music composer for two separate films that are part of the New-York Historical Society’s Vietnam War Exhibition.  One of the films features Nic Ut and Kim Phuc discussing the now-iconic, 1973-Pulitzer-Prize-winning, ‘Napalm Girl’ image of a girl running toward the camera – away from a recently napalmed village.  Ut was the photographer, and Phuc was the girl; they are both still alive, and offer a moving narrative of the events surrounding the taking of that photograph.  The other film Ryan scored for the exhibition features FedEx founder Fred Smith discussing his experience as a marine officer serving in Vietnam, and how he witnessed first-hand how the military’s coordinated ground/air logistics could save lives.  The exhibit runs from October 4, 2017 – April 22, 2018.